Sample Data Set

All of the data is completely made up, borderline random - no actual student data is used.
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Select Last Name First Name Language Grade
RodgersKenny German 2nd (2020/21)
MagnumThomas French 2nd (2020/21)
RodgersFred French 5th (2020/21)
FlanneryMeghan Irish 3rd (2019/20)
LauperCyndi Irish 2nd (2020/21)
ChildJaney French 4th (2020/21)
StudentJoe Chinese 4th (2020/21)
SmithRobert Hindi K-5 (2019/20)
FeynmanRichard French 2nd (2020/21)
MichaelsonMichael German 1st (2019/20)
ChildJane French 3rd (2020/21)
SmithPatti Hindi 4th (2019/20)
HarperJohn Chinese 3rd (2019/20)
PetersonPat Chinese 1st (2019/20)
JamesJimmy Spanish 1st (2019/20)
SimpsonMarge Spanish 2nd (2020/21)
PirateJake Pirate Talk 1st (2019/20)
MitchelMichelle Chinese 3rd (2019/20)
JohnsonJohn Johnish 2nd (2019/20)